[mario lauer]

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Born in South West Germany he got his first trumpet at the age of 9 and after a career in the music club of the neighboring town, he joined the school band. His first arrangements and compositions were Rock, Pop and Big Band. He took on occasional classical engagements, worked in musicals Europe-wide, and for many years made his living playing dance band gigs, which gave him invaluable experience in the art of pleasing an audience.

He studied jazz composition at the Cologne University of Music, and took on even more arrangement and production engagements, simultaneously working as a bandleader and conductor.

He began his career in film music in 1992 with the orchestration for the Academy nominated feature „Schtonk!“.
After that, followed a range of scores for prime time TV movies and series. In 1995 he took on a new direction, accepting an offer from Germany‘s largest broadcaster ZDF to redevelop the film music department there.

Over 150 films and a good nine years later, he traded in this occupation for a longstanding new challenge. He started working internationally, broadening his horizons as far as L.A and London, adapting his capabilities to every new project: Music Supervisor, Music Editor and Music Producer for German and international films, consultant, presenter, giving lectures, only to finally relocate to Berlin where he concentrates on writing his own music once again.